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#1 (A) 48X40 Export HT


Pallet Prices:

  • Qty(10-19): $30.00
  • Qty(50-99): $24.00
  • Qty(20-49): $26.00
  • Qty(100+): Request Quote

Product Information

Product No:
Product Size:
#1 48x40 (ISPM-15)
Weight Capacity:
*2,800(lbs) (Approx)
Shipping Weight:
(Minimum Order Qty is 10)


The upcycled #1 "A" is the higher grade upcycled pallet as opposed to it's counter part #2. The #1's main atributes are no stringer repairs which require plugs and they are typically newer looking. ISPM-15 certified with certificate for International shipping.

For truck load pallet customer discount rates or information on Regional or National pallet programs please request a quote or contact a sales representative.

Sales Representative (510)-278-1291

* Upcycled pallets images do not represent a standard view of all pallets. Variations of color and deck board pattern can differ from one pallet to the next due to exposure and original manufacturer./p>