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New Heavy Duty Block Pallet


Pallet Prices:

  • Qty(10-19): $70.00
  • Qty(50-99): $60.00
  • Qty(20-49): $65.00
  • Qty(100+): Request Quote

Product Information

Product No:
Product Size:
NEW 48x40 ISPM-15
Weight Capacity:
6,000(lbs) (Approx)
Shipping Weight:
(Minimum Order Qty is 10)


This is the "creme de la creme" of pallets.  Strength, versatility, 4 side pallet jack accessability and ISPM-15 certified for International shipping make this the robust pallet of choice. 

Static Weight Capacity: 12,000 LBS.

Stacked 3 unit load high: 5,424 LBS.

Racked across the width: 3,196 LBS.

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