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New 48x40 Export HT

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  • Qty(10-19): $25.95
  • Qty(50-99): $18.95
  • Qty(20-49): $21.95
  • Qty(100+): Contact Us

Product Information

  • Product No:
  • Product Size:
  • NEW 48x40 ISPM-15
  • Weight Capacity:
  • 3,800(lbs) (Approx)
  • Shipping Weight:
  • 50 (lbs)
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(Minimum Order Qty is 10)


Food distribution and pharmaceutical's pallet of choice.  This pallet breezes through customes for international shipping.  It meets all Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA) standard specifications, pallets are composed with new high grade native douglas fir lumber.  Pallet is ISPM-15 Certified with certificate for verification. 


For truck load pallet customer discount rates or information on Regional or National pallet programs please request a quote or contact a sales representative.


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