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Oakland Pallet is your premier pallet supplier providing customer driven solutions. We offer the largest variety of recycled GMA grades and recycled custom hybrid pallets in California. We deliver the highest level of quality and customer service for all of your pallet needs. Innovating and implementing a solid pallet program is of paramount importance because "Your Product Matters". 

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"At Martinelli we pride ourselves in making premium apple juice products with 100% US Grown apples. We value our vendors as much as our customers to help us deliver our products. Oakland Pallet has been an essential partner in always providing high quality pallets. Oakland Pallets level of service is superior and has always been responsive to our needs in a timely manner. OP has always been on the cutting edge of technology and innovation in providing solutions for domestic and International customer requirements, whether it’s a custom block pallet, heat treated, hybrid or plastic pallets which is an important attribute that not all pallet vendors can provide. Oakland Pallet also has competitive pricing which rounds out a solid vendor for all our pallet needs. Thank you"
S. Martinellis
"Oakland Pallet team, I answered a call and was speaking to a person from another pallet company this morning. I was sharing with them reasons why we haven’t changed pallet suppliers in a very long time. I shared how we currently and historically have received “SUPERIOR” service and how you supply us in less than 24 hours with no Qualms. This has especially been true, for the last three months. An example, the shipment that is on its way now. I cannot “Thank you” enough. You have given us 8 years of outstanding service and I want to let you know how much we appreciate it. You are definitely an important partner, and contribute to Lundberg’s successes."
Lunberg Family Farms